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Wedding Ceremony addition for use of Unity Candle

(This brief ceremony can be added to any of the other wedding ceremonies. You will need to obtain a candle set from Michael's Crafts or some other source.)

Now, BRIDE and GROOM will commemorate their marriage by lighting a Unity Candle.

Light is the essence of our existence. Each one of us possesses an inner glow that represents our hopes, our dreams and aspirations in life.
Groom lights his candle and then lights the Bride's candle.

GROOM and BRIDE, the two distinct candle flames represent your lives before this day, individual, unique and special.
Please take the candle symbolizing your life before today, and together light the center candle to symbolize the union of your individual lives and families.

Together they light the center candle.

As this new flame burns undivided, so shall your lives now be one. From now on your thoughts will always be for each. Your joys and sorrows will be shared alike.

May the blessing of light be with you always, And may the sun shine upon you and warm your heart Until it glows like a great fire so that others may feel The warmth of your love for one another.

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